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Founded in 2001, we are one of the leading glass suppliers and processors of glass products in the UK with over twenty years experience in the industry. We specialise in bespoke single and high-end glass processing, laminate glass and Insulated Glass Units (IGU).

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Our Services

We offer a broad range of bespoke laminates, single glass processing options and insulated Glass Units (IGU). Our laminates are made in-house with our state-of-the-art machinery. 

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Insulated Glass Units (IGU)

We supply double and triple Insulated Glass Units (IGU) in a wide range of custom sizing and glass types.

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Laminate Glass

We offer laminate glass ranging from 6.4mm to 28.8 which includes our in house manufactured toughened range and can offer a variety of interlayers to suit client preference.

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Single Bespoke Glass Processing

We offer a value-added service of high-end and bespoke processing options, including:

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Our Product Ranges

At PJB Glass Group we offer a range of glass types: Clear Float,  Laminates, SoftCoats, Textured Glass including the Pilkington’s Patterned Range,  Mirror, Tinted and Satinated Glass and a bespoke Performance Glass Range (Blue, Green, Grey, Bronze).

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Clear Float

We offer Clear Annealed Glass in thicknesses from 4mm to 19mm.

Blue, Bronze, Grey Tint

Performance Glass

We supply a broad range of Performance Glass with self-cleaning, tinting and solar control properties.

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We offer a range of performance soft coats, from standard soft coats to top-end bespoke options.

Pilkington Pattern Charcoal Sticks

Pilkington Range

Whether it’s for privacy, pure style or to allow more light into internal rooms, Pilkington Texture Glass gives you a stylish range of attractive options.

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We offer a range of laminates in thickness ranging from 6.4mm to 12.8mm. 

Clear with Sandblast Design and Arrised Edge

Decorative Glass

We supply a broad range of Decorative Glass including Satinated Glass (Acid-Etched, Sand Blasted), Mirror, Tinted and Fire Safety Glass.

Our Projects