Our Services

At PJB Glass Group, with over twenty years of experience in the industry, we provide top-quality and bespoke single glass processing for your needs. Our laminates are done in house and our state of the art machinery allow for a sophisticated range of glass processing options.

Insulated Glass Units (IGU)

We supply double and triple Insulated Glass Units (IGU) in a wide range of custom sizing and glass types. Insulated Glass Units provide excellent thermal and acoustic efficiency for both residential and commercial needs. Our Insulated Glass Units are made in house with cutting edge equipment and technology to ensure the highest quality product.

Laminate Glass

We offer laminate glass ranging from 6.4mm to 28.8 which includes our in house manufactured toughened range and can offer a variety of interlayers to suit client preference. Our state of the art laminate tables mean that our output is extensive and paired with our two automated IGU lines, we’re more than equipped to provide under the new safety regulations.

Single Bespoke Glass Processing

We offer a value-added service of high-end and bespoke processing options, including: bespoke and standard shapes, drill holes, polished all round, radius or dubbed corners and sophisticated toughened laminated options.